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New to MHD is local Melbourne Jewellery label, Cameron Studio. Run by friends Glenn Cameron and Jackson Hides who met working in retail and soon discovered their shared aesthetic and attitude to design.

The label is designed without gender in mind and all the pieces are unisex and share a simple, minimalist aesthetic. Skate culture, however, is a big influence. It extends to the aesthetic of street style, loose easy to move in clothing, risk-taking and a strong sense of community.

Cameron Studio aims to create a community of their own through making. Each collection (this is their third) gaining a band of followers who contribute to the culture and inhabit the pieces that 
Cameron and Hides make, and then create stories of their own through wearing. 

In this current collection, titled 'Pier 7’, named after the famous skate spot in San Francisco, CA, the inspiration is based on creating pieces that Cameron and Hides imagined people growing up in the ’90s, skating in that area, would have worn.  

This manifested itself into a range of small round-faced signet rings, chunky chain bracelets and necklaces, and a slimmer ‘melted’ flat ring.

Cameron Studio only make their pieces in sterling sliver or 9k (or higher karat) gold. They believe that jewellery should age as a person does, 'wearing in' in a way that shows the journey one has been on....  Expression through age lines.. we wholeheartedly agree.

Check out the collection now, in stores and online.