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October brings a new collection entitled Badlands from Australian Jewellery designer, BY NYE. 

BY NYE's creator Nye De Marchi's latest collection of hand-crafted luxury pieces are Inspired by the work of photographer Ansell Adams in New Mexico and Yosemite National Park.

Adams’ photographs depict a wild landscape; full of life and movement. Inspired by the visceral state of nature captured in Adam’s ‘performances’, BYNYE designer Nye De Marchi creates wearable sculptures that draw on the forms of the mountain facades and the movements of rolling clouds and flowing water.

All materials are locally and sustainably sourced; forged through the craft of silversmithing and lost wax casting, each piece is one of a kind, as is the woman who wears it. 

The Badlands series of luxurious wearable pieces is available online and in both of our stores.


Photographer : Jesper Hede
Makeup Artist : Lily Swan
Models : Sara Stavrides and Ruken Elif

Last Image: 
Ansel Adams