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By Nye

In the early months of 2016, BY NYE was born. Created by Nye De Marchi, a Melbourne girl studied in Creative Writing and whilst figuring out her groove she moved to a Degree in Silversmithing which lasted three years.

Nye was born in Abu Dhabi, when she was quite young her family moved to Melbourne, "my dad worked in Abu Dhabi, so from the age of ten I spent most of my summers in the Middle East" says Nye.

Always acknowledging that she liked working with her hands. Nye loved cooking and sewing and admired the idea of making something that could last forever thus she found herself drawn to making jewellery. 

This collection of hand-crafted jewellery by BY NYE, is a series of Sterling Silver jewellery made up of three fine bands of half round silver to create beautiful metal silhouettes. "I loved the idea of each piece being quite sculptural when it was sitting unworn. The Aphrodite series is actually the evolution of one of the very first pieces I ever tried to make.  I've been stewing over that idea for a really long time" says Nye.

The Aphrodite series of luxurious wearable pieces is available online and in both of our stores.

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Words by Elise Wilken
Photos from @bynye Instagram