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Bichon Pockets is a label that needs no introduction. Colourful, adventurous, and truly unique, the Bichon world is one of outrageous and daring fun. The perfect antidote some might say, to the dark cloud hanging above us all at this strange time. 

Bichon’s new collection is just as inspiring as it is practical - designed before Coronavirus reared its ugly head, Bichon’s new range represents a creative explosion of textures, fabrics, and fluffy moments. New shapes/styles in the range are petite in size and are possibly an ode to the first pieces made under the label, which were literally leather pockets - clutches - for nighttime rendezvous. The new styles feature crisp leather, rabbit fur, chains, and charms. Fitting the bare essentials, the new collection frees you up to maximising the impact of your outfit, and (future!) fun times to be had. Cocktail hour, late night parties that turn into discos, rollerblading down the coastline, walking the dog wearing head to toe lycra - whatever you’re penchant, there will be a bag to match it be sure.

Indulge in the wonderful world of Bichon, and dare to dream. xx

Campaign imagery featured below by Bichon Pockets. 


The Merkin Cross Body Bag


The O'Ring Furrbie Bag - Dark Camo



The Cleo x Cross Body Bag - Floral Snake


The O'Ring Furrbie Bag - Black, The O'Ring Furrbie Bag - Light Camo




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Creative Direction: Sarah Pritchard 
MUA/Hair: Xene Ballen

Photography: Süleyman Karaaslan
Models: Joao at People, others: anonymous 

Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson
Layout by Shelby De Fazio