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As the sunnier days start to creep in and our neighbourhoods gradually become more & more colourful with Spring blooms - it couldn't be a better time to welcome Brisbane based jeweller, Bianca Maverick's Kinship collection. 

Bianca has dropped the new collection in store at Monk House and flown down to create a wonderful installation in our Brunswick East store. 
Kinship works with past styles alongside new shapes which incorporates a great mix of darker tones and warm colours to reflect this everchanging weather. 

We got to chat to Bianca whilst she was painting our window, touching base on what she has been up to and some information behind this collection. 
Shop Kinship in stores now and trickling online this week! 


Can you tell us about where you live?

I'm based in Queensland. I live in South Brisbane which is about 15 - 20 mins walk to the city centre where my studio is!
The sky is really blue in Brisbane and my neighbourhood is close by to GoMA gallery, walking trails around the Kangaroo Point cliffs and West End which has some great cafes and delis and a farmers market I frequent for produce on the weekend.

What led you to become a jeweller? 

I was inexplicably always drawn to jewellery and accessories during my childhood - particularly oversized costume jewellery pieces own by my Nonna. She'd let me assemble the odd, discarded vintage pieces in her jewellery box into something new.
I studied Industrial Design at university while taking night classes to learn gold and silversmithing. Eventually after finishing studying Industrial Design my love for contemporary jewellery couldn't be suppressed and I went back to study a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in Jewellery and Small Objects at Queensland College of Art (QCA).
The production processes I use in my jewellery have definitely been influenced by my background in Industrial Design, my signature is definitely colour coating metal, I have a definite fascination with the process and I love to work with materials and processes that bring colour to my jewellery.

What was the inspiration for your current collection?

This collection is called Kinship! This collection was inspired by kinship through art and craft. I've been lucky to forge friendships with many creative people through jewellery and being a maker means you bond with other makers and artists, as you have so many shared experiences regardless of the mediums you work in. So the collection is a homage to the joy of female friendship forged through making and creative collaboration!
I revisited craft crazes from past decades, particularly the 70's to develop the colour palette and motifs inspired by mismatched macrame patterns and ceramic vessels and abstracted Baroque picture frames. This season I played with flashes of reflective chrome coatings on metal.

What does your work day look like?

I get out of bed at 7.30 AM and working on not to immediately look at my phone as a reflex reaction as soon as I wake up. I'm trying a low information diet where I don't mindlessly scroll / consume instagram stories and needless information so I can be more mindful and focused.
I walk to the studio through South Bank along the river which is very peaceful, listening to a podcast most mornings.  My studio is in the CBD in the Metro Arts building, which is kind of like Brisbane's version of the Nicholas Building with lots of artist studios and a gallery space.
I get a chai tea from the cafe on the ground floor and then head up to the third floor (there isn't a lift operational at the moment so lots of stairs!) It is great to see my friends in passing who work i  studios on my floor for a chat before heading in to work.

Everyday is completely different! I always try to do all of my admin and emails first up, otherwise it just doesn't get done because I get caught up making orders.
For lunch I pop around the corner to the post office to post orders, or go to suppliers and then head to one of my favourite lunch spots. Afternoons are always spent making and I love to watch things on my laptop while I work and evenings spent replying to emails I get that come in from overseas.
I tend to stay at the studio to 8 pm most nights working and then walk home! It is amazing how fast the time in the studio passes without realising.

Photography: Gina Diggle