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Bianca Maverick - Light Catcher Collection



The latest offering from Brisbane based jewellery label, Bianca Maverick is bursting with joy and good vibes! For this collection Bianca specifically wanted to focus on colour and unity with the pieces reflecting and catching the limited (at the moment!) rays of sunlight, glinting through the clouds and tree tops of cityscapes. Bianca is interested in colour psychology and colours ability to influence emotions. All of the pieces in the range delve into the world of colour, whether it be with semi-transparent chain links or bright enamelled dots of colour, the pieces are a meditation on playful utility. Designed for timeless versatility, to be embodied and transformed by the wearer, each piece from the range is able to be dressed up or down and this versatility is a key concept to the range. The label’s unique aesthetic and original use of materials makes each piece a standout and one to treasure over time. Explore the positive and uplifting world of Bianca Maverick by scrolling down… 



Chain Link Necklace - Smoke Grey 

Chain Link Necklace - Blue




Chain Link Bracelet - Blue & Mint 


Chain Link Necklace - Amber


Colour Dot Studs


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Campaign imagery shot by Jack Gibson
Styling by Bianca Mavrick
Model Clea Pratt
MUA Carly Lim

Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson
Layout by Shelby De Fazio