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La Dolce Vita - Bella Clark’s latest collection…

Melbourne based jewellery designer and maker, Bella Clark has been making pieces bursting with beauty and intrigue from day one. Bella’s style is always on point and she somehow intuitively knows what the special women and men who wear her pieces, want. This latest collection is no exception with the joy of summer romance and flirty fun shining through each piece. Featuring heart shaped pendants for neck and ear, in both gold plate and sterling silver. The Chain earrings are given a subtle update, and a new material is introduced to Bella’s repertoire with Rose quartz hearts on beaded necklaces. Also in the mix is the return of Bella’s classics; with a smattering of gorgeous hoops to suit any style….never fear, the dangle earrings are available too! We have the chain, the petal chain and the heart chain sleepers in store in both gold plate and sterling silver, perfect for any new piercings that need some love. Each piece of jewellery is lovingly handmade in Bella’s Fitzroy studio, and made to order - eliminating needless waste; she is committed to sustainable practice - reusing jewels, recycling materials, and repurposing any piece that needs a new lease on life. Bella’s mission is for each individual who wears her pieces to have a deeper connection to their jewellery which they wear everyday and to cherish them, eventually passing them on to loved ones when the time comes! Bella says of latest collection; 'through a rosey lens, La Dolce Vita reminds us to cherish the little things and to revel in romantic gestures - to others and to ourselves’. This is all the encouragement we need…scroll for dreamy pictures of the latest collection to get you in the mood for the heady days of summer….







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Photographs by Brigette Clark
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson & Layout by Shelby De Fazio