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Basics of Form

Movement  - Blue - Nude - Basics - Form 

In fast-paced environments, it’s easy to lose our balance, to forget about taking time & being present. This week we focus on ourselves, our patterns, our movements. We listen and take the time to breathe.

To help us stay in the moment, we are lucky enough to have Lana Sprajcer, a dance artist originally from Croatia now living in Melbourne, create some beautiful shapes for us. Lana’s movements follow a sequence around the room, her motions are thoughtful, structured and liberating. Accompanied by Madeleine Burke taking photographs & Pixie McElroy setting the scene, we highlight the natural tones and elements of Base Range, Sphaera & Newend in our Brunswick East studio. 

Base Range Sweat Pants, in Black $140.00Base Range Triangle Bra, in Black $79.00 

New End, Spin Hoop earring $30.00

Sphaera Soap, hand made in New Zealand. $26.00 each Available; Citrus and Poppyseed, Pomegranate Seed oil and Pink Clay, Kawakawa and Activated Charcoal, Wild Kelp, Sea Salt and Pumice, Sweet Almond and French Clay and Kukui and White Kaolin Clay.

Base Range Triangle Bra, in Black $79.00 , Base Range High Waist Bell Pants, in Black $55.00

Base Range Over Ankle Sock, Ritz Rose $45.00

Base Range Sweat Pants, in Nude $140.00, New End, Alley-oop ring (thin) $60.00

Base Range Long Sleeve Tee, in Nude $90.00

Featuring Base Range Basic Sweat, in Nude $115.00, Base Range Sweat Pants, in Black and Nude $140.00