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At Home | with Jessie

This week on the blog we visit Jessie Webb, our buyer and all round hard working team member here at Monk House Design, at her home in Brunswick, which she shares with her friend Ellie.

Jessie studied printmaking back in her home town of Toowoomba, QLD, so she has a sharp, creative eye and a penchant for all things colourful and eclectic. When she is not pairing colours and textures together for our two beautiful stores, you can find her eating somewhere in her neighbourhood, cooking with friends or visiting family in San Remo.

Amongst her collectables, we found some of our Monk House essentials, things we try to always have on hand and source from all around the globe. 

Scroll for interior inspiration and a little Q&A with Jessie.



Rittle Ceramic


What is your favourite object and why?

I was only thinking of this the other day as I have moved around a fair bit in the last few years - It would have to be a bowl gifted to me from a dear friend and my past lecturer at USQ. David Usher is a ceramicist and painter in Toowoomba and he made this work as a part of an exhibition at RAYGUN titled ‘Soul Kitchen'. People were invited to take a bowl, help themselves to one of the big pots of food on the table in the middle of the room, and then take their bowl home with them. It’s a constant reminder of the people I have met and the changes I have gone through, its a very special piece for me. 



Mellow Incense Bowl, Areaware Totem Candle Stack ($27) 


…favourite colour?

It's changed over time... it was blue for a while and then it was pink, now it's lilac purple. I am very attracted to colour & bright clothing, especially accessories. I think style and taste changes over time and my favourite colours reflect this, especially if I have a favourite item - I have this purple Base Range jumper I love and then all of a sudden I want everything in purple...I think any colour that base range makes in a season, they are my colour’s!! 



Base Range Kai Sweater ($335)


What is the most coveted spot in the house to soak up the atoms/a little bit of sun?

Either our little breakfast nook or my bedroom on the weekends - I’m not in the house much so when I see the light coming through my windows its a very special moment, I appreciate each beautiful day in this city so chasing the sun in our house is a big thing. You can find Ellie and I moving from room to room over a day to take full advantage of the light.



 Rittle Smiley Mug ($56), Base Range Shaw Long Sleeve ($235)


If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I have two dream living situations - To live in Kyoto, have a bike and make daily conbini stopovers / or to live in San Remo in the Gippsland area. I have spent a lot of my life visiting my Grandparents there, some of my favourite memories are visiting them on my holidays when I was at boarding school.  It’s always felt like home / where I want to be.



Pegs Marlow Ceramic Bowl, Seb Brown Signet Rings


What do you get up to when you're not busily working away at Monk House HQ?!

haha I've found I sleep a lot! I love meeting with friends, I always ask customers and friends where they like to eat so I make a plan each week to venture out to somewhere new. At the moment it's getting a Banh Mi from Nhu Lan in Footscray on the weekend - thank you Nina Elliott, for the best food/life advice of 2019! 

I tend to my plants, visit the markets on a Saturday and drive down to visit Grandpa when I can. I love exploring this city, I moved to Melbourne in December 2017 so I have lots of adventures to look forward to in the future.  


 Sphaera Pomegranate Seed Oil and Pink Clay Soap Bar ($26), Iggy and Lou Lou Planter ($220)


What the best thing about living in your neighbourhood?

The proximity to work, being close to my friends, the great food including my absolute favourite, Ovens Street Bakery. I love being a 10 min tram ride to Queen Vic Markets and being close to some of my family.



 Pegs Marlow Ceramic Bowl, Seb Brown Signet Rings


Where do you get your inspiration from?

So many things! Time with friends, our wonderful customers, strangers on the street, people on Instagram. I love seeing how people live their lives, the things we collect, the way we dress. I'm infamous in my friendship circle for snooping in everyone's spaces. I’m always eager to know where things are from - I think it stems from appreciating that everyone has a different eye and the way in which we collect, curate and pair things back is a reflection of ourselves. I love talking to people, hearing stories, learning. I have been lucky to travel to Japan often and find I feel very inspired on my return - working at Monk House is also very inspiring, I have learnt a great deal and look forward to learning more!


 Monk House Design Essential Oil Blend ($55)




Photographs by Madeleine Burke, Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson