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Annie Wu’s label Articles of Clothing is a meditation on the intersection between art, design and life.
Her garments, also known as articles; focus on quality fabrics and the way they behave sculpturally - process-driven design and ease of wear.

All garments that we have at Monk House invoke a casual, relaxed attitude which also belies the complex design process involved in making them come to life. 

Annie starts off with the fabric that will make the garment, she then plays and experiments until she has something she’s happy with, the 'article' is then produced and released into the world. Annie speaks of her processes and the way in which each article is a piece which is hard to re-create or make multiple of - these singular items are special and unique. 
On the rack the garments present as unassuming objects but when worn they become activated and bless the weather with a subtle sophistication, polished aesthetic. Annie says '…all the Articles are inconspicuous enough that one could wear them on a regular basis and are easily integrated into the pre-existing wardrobes’

In stores now, we are lucky enough to have a few ‘articles’ en. mass, which is unusual as they can be seen/known as solitary subjects, as their name and numbering suggests. We have currently, Articles 142, 141, 138, 118, 63 and 56. Of which include khaki cotton pants featuring pull ties on either side of the hips, a classic cream raw silk skirt, with pockets and one size fits many drawstring fastening, a mandarin collared jacket in a heavy cotton drill featuring 3 pockets at the front that says and means fashionable business. 
Also, there is a mid-length beige wrap skirt with an elegant tie at the side and two cargo pockets for storing important curio on each side of the thigh. 

The minimal perfection of Articles pieces makes them an ideal accompaniment to the winter wardrobe behind us and summer one yet ahead of us, for years and years to come. 
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Photography: Gina Diggle and Agnieszka Chabros