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Annie Wu is the Melbourne based artist and designer behind the project Articles of Clothing. 

Articles is a functional, well thought out collection of items that are not only versatile but do not adhere to conventional cycles that we find in the fashion industry. By moving away from trends and putting focus on each item, it puts weight on each piece and how it would work within our day to day life. By placing focus on the longevity of an item in our wardrobes, we can eliminate waste, this is where Articles of Clothing make it easy for us with its experimental and conceptual designs whilst being wearable and stylish. 

By cataloguing each garment by number, each piece forms a collection and also archive, tracking the process of design and also how Annie works within her means when it comes to making pieces.  

The recent pieces from Articles of Clothing challenge the function of wearable items with colours and cuts that are strong stand alone pieces, which can also be incorporated into daily life.