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A glimpse in the studio...with V. Rosa

This week we sat down with Mara Tonetti, the driving force behind jewellery label, V-ROSA to talk about her process for making, how she is coping in the time of coronavirus and most importantly to discuss and feature the new and wonderful Rosa Necklace.
Nicely weighted, with a big personality the Rosa Necklace is modelled off a treasured family heirloom and features key design elements which are constants across the V-ROSA collection, exhibiting strength and unity. We couldn’t be more in love! 
Scroll for images of the new piece and our interview with Mara. Xx



As every piece of V-ROSA jewellery takes its cue from a family heirloom or memento, the Rosa Necklace is an unusual design - where did the inspiration come from for this piece?
This heavy, somewhat weighted large gold necklace held a particular significance and meaning as this was one of the very last pieces I received. (from my Grandmother). It felt right to introduce this piece now, as it is very much about continuing to build upon a vision and a brand. 

The idea and principle of heaviness and strength (which is evident in the original piece) had to be respected. However, we wanted to expand on this so it would sit alongside other pieces in the collection with cohesion. We wanted to find unison between our commonly used elements. Our brief for this piece was that it needed to portray strength and unity, so to achieve this, three obvious design elements were included (chain, link and plate). 

I think in these times it is important for me to focus on continuing to re-invent and push the collection outside of its comfort zone, staying relevant whilst also making sure to keep in line with V-ROSA’s principles. 

What is your most prized/special/important piece of jewellery that you own?This changes, but currently It would have to be an heirloom gold cable chain anklet.

I have been wearing this constantly and look forward to reinterpreting this and adding it to our collection in the future.
Are you a gold or silver kind of person, or do you tend to mix it up?
I'm a gold girl. I like silver, but most of the time I don’t like it on me.



What is your favourite V-ROSA piece from the collection for everyday?
The ORO hoop in gold for every day.

What is your favourite V-ROSA piece for dressing up? (waa, when we all can go out).
I would say The Rosa necklace (with the Catena drop earring getting an honourable mention)
Any new pieces in the pipeline for the label…another necklace maybe?!
Yes, and yes.

I noticed that you post a little bit of performance art and such on your Instagram - do you have any favourite artists in particular that continue to inspire you?

I’m finding a lot of relevance between certain performance art and the current situation. There isn’t anybody in particular and I can’t say that I really know my stuff when it comes to specific performance artists, however, when I do stumble across a piece that speaks to me I really love looking into the people/concepts/ideas behind the art.
What does your daily routine look like with the label? 
I would say it’s a pretty standard process. Morning generally starts with emails, most of the time its liaising with manufacturers and/or processing orders. Once emails are done its back to the desk. Designing and drawing is not something that happens every day – a lot of time is spent researching and looking at how existing pieces can be reworked. Most of the time the design process is a result of constant research and never feeling forced to come up with ideas, but more of the natural flow.

…Is there anything specific in your routine that has had to change due to the coronavirus? (Apart from the usual, seeing friends, going out for dinner - all the good stuff!)
I think the one thing that comes to mind would be the fact that I have had to slow down in general. Due to this, I’m feeling like I don’t really have a routine at the moment. But I’ve been enjoying taking my time to have a coffee in the morning and not giving myself too many time constraints throughout the day.
What is your ideal Sunday? 
Currently: Going for a Walk, Coffee in the garden and watching the X-Files


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Images supplied by Mara
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson
Layout by Shelby De Fazio