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BASE Range

We've recently received the newest collection by beautiful Copenhagen label BASE Range. Previously known as Popupshop, BASE Range focus on the simplicity of everlasting basics and are high quality driven, sustainable and timeless. Made from organic fabrics, the clean and functional style of the underwear and easywear garments are perfect to mix and match.

BASE Range, designed and run by Marie-Louise Mogensen and Blandine Legait, were delighted to create an in store installation from afar, taking cues from one half of the design duo's clean and minimal Copenhagen home. Filled with plants, it's almost like stepping into a world of grey marles, tans, whites and blacks... Effortlessly beautiful.

We caught up with Marie-Louise Mogensen to find out more about BASE Range, what they love and what they aspire too.

What drove the two of you to begin BASE Range and how long has the label been operating? What would you say is the ethos behind BASE?
As a starting point, we really just wanted to see if it was possible to make a business out of a more human approach. We were both brought in a time thinking that serious business meant being tough, hard and fast. But today, I think more people are recognising that as an illusory goal and more drawn to what they recognise as real. We wanted to se if we could design products and take part of an industry in a way that was both respectful to the people and nature, involved in all of its stages. For the styles we work to make them as clean because this is and important way to have more control of the elements used in the product but also as we wish to drain the styles of symbols. This way, they can adapt to different kinds of daily situations and hoping we leave the person wearing them open to multiple directions and interpretations.

Can you tell us a little bit about your current range in store?
This collection was inspired by old men and the way they ‘uniform’ themselves, keeping it simple by sticking to what is working for them. It’s more about the stories they can tell and what they do, than the clothes itself. Most of the collection is based around grey flannel like fabrics and square cuts.

Can you tell us a little bit about what has inspired your installation at Monk House Design?
First, your beautiful space and light. We wanted to use it to make the fabrics and tones in our collection visible as a range and heart.

What is something exciting planned in the future for BASE Range?
We are currently working on our website and our identity, to give a stronger feeling of who we are and how we work. We really wish to be as transparent as we can and keep the focus on the product. As we feel there is a big room in the world wide web that opens for this kind of communication - this is really were we would love to more present. And hey!!!!!! THANK YOU for allowing us to use your beautiful space. THANK YOU (smiley) and a heart.

With a cult following in Melbourne already, BASE moves quickly, so be sure to drop by, check out the installation and pick up your very own BASE piece. Or cut to the chase and peek at the range online here.

Photos by Elise Wilken