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SLEEP WORK VERNER canvasses concepts of work and how we dress in line with modern day ambitions including uniforms, the internet, work and our concept of luxury.

The season highlights work wear shapes that cross over into outerwear and sportswear, diluting them into easy to apply pieces seen as a metaphor to laziness and "working from your bed". Some pieces include a feather doona and a baseball cap doubled as a visor where garments are sealed with softer closures like woven elastics opposing heavy technologies such as zips and buttons.

The collection opens with printed silks featuring the work of internationally renowned Australian painter Stephen Giblet, who offered a work from his exhibition Plumes, the piece entitled "If I Can't Have It, No one Can". This series of work produces hyper-real paintings based on images extracted from the Internet: the house in flames becomes the exemplar of a society undergoing severe economic upheaval.

To VERNER the way we work and our attitude towards it should see a massive change into the way we apply ourselves to the way we live authentically.

SLEEP WORK VERNER is a symphony of changing times and the challenge of adaptability to survive in the modern world. 

SLEEP WORK VERNER is now currently in store and online at Monk House Design.