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One of our favorite labels here at MHD, ffiXXed, have produced a stunning collection of light, layer-able pieces that transcend the season and can be worn all year round. In true ffiXXed style, many pieces wrap, fold and tuck to create multiple looks from the one garment. With comfortable, high-quality fabrics at the forefront of the collection, the longevity of each garment is the objective.

The navigation of globalized spaces begins with certain questions of the body; how it engages international networks, natural environments, personal spaces and where, within constant working rhythms, it feels most comfortable.
With these questions in mind, the current collection from ffiXXed presents a series of garments that encourage a re-appropriation of productive cycles, exploring various cultural and aesthetic forms they suggest new associations, movements and rhythms. Always trying to find spaces on non-work within work, the collections from ffiXXed continually elaborate new ways, means and modes of working and being together.