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P.A.M. - Black Gold

“We believe in a perfect world of creativity, excitement, independence, freedom, fun, strange tastes, strange visions and strange times. We’re interested in things that are steeped in mystery, things that cannot be explained. If you believe that a giant serpent vomited up the cosmos, it sounds cool to us, reality is what you want to be. We’re into myths and legends, secret societies, colours abstract thoughts, nonsense, costumes and serious madness. That’s why Egypt, aliens, strange recipes, hallucinogens, primitives, strange balls of light, ESP, techno, disco and kraut-rock are so exciting to us.”

Perks and Mini, i-D magazine Oct 2008

P.A.M's first drop from their AW13 Black Gold collection is arriving, but it's also selling super fast! If you've been on the look out for some of their amazing pieces from this new collection, you will need to act now. We have limited sizes in limited styles, all utterly stunning and somehow they even work worn all together at once

Check out some of the P.A.M Black Gold range available online here.