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KUWAII: Aurora


In 2009 Melbourne designer Kristy Barber started Kuwaii. The label is duly esteemed for producing sleek, modern clothing with intelligence and care. Committed to making Kuwaii an alternative to mass-produced fashion, Barber manufactures locally in Melbourne. Ticking all the boxes for Melbourne’s fashion girls, Kuwaii has developed a dedicated fan base of followers, both for their locally designed and produced clothing and footwear. Modern, romantic and thoughtful, each collection is inspired by stimulating theorems and natural beauty. Musings come to life with innovative design and considered production. 

Kuwaii’s latest offering and their AW16 collection ‘Aurora’ is inspired from the natural phenomenon of the same name. An aurora is a natural light display in the sky produced when the magnetosphere is sufficiently disturbed by solar wind that alters the trajectories of charged particles and causes them to precipitate into the upper atmosphere, emitting lights of varying colour and complexity. Greens, reds and blues shine against the black night sky in an amazing show of light and colour. 

Kuwaii have drawn from this to create their AW16 collection. Rich reds and deep greens meet abstract prints and patterns. Textured wools and warm knits add depth and complexity to this collection of wintery tones. Pair their statement patterned pieces with their range of high quality basics. Merino jersey has been used across a number of Kuwaii’s much loved basics range. The Midi Slip Dress is available in deep green and crisp black merino. The perfect layering piece, it can see you through from warmer months to cooler months. Their classic tailored pant has been reimagined in a heavy duty, crisp cotton/rayon/spandex in rich ink navy with a little bit of give to make them your go-to, easy to wear tailored pant.