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MLD - Tranquillo Exhibition



The first of a series of exhibitions to come to Monk House Design, Tranquillo by MLD launched Mel's
latest range of jewellery and debuted her stunning and unique ceramic work. Mel D'Alessandro's first
collection of handmade jewellery was a big hit in the store over Christmas, and we were lucky enough to
host the launch of her new collection in store, surrounded by friends (both human and doggy) and with a
few glasses of bubbles. We asked Mel to tell us a little bit about herself, so she made us a poster!

Hand shaped and glazed in a shiny soft pink, the ceramic pieces are designed to work with the jewellery,
but can be stand alone pieces, too. Hang your earrings off the curved edge, sit your ring in the shallow bowl. 

Mel's jewellery is a stroke of genius. Both delicate and robust, minimal and striking. The abstract nature
of her pieces is playful and elegant at the same time. Curved bars of sterling silver sit like waves atop a
ring band. Two circles hang one above the other in a set of earrings, a fresh take on the classic hoop style. 

We couldn't have been happier to host this great exhibition in store. Did you miss the launch? It's on until 15th Feb. 


Details of the exhibition: 



Photos: Elise Wilken