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Dowel Jones: Hooked Up

Dowel Jones is a young design studio operating out of Melbourne, Australia. The studio
was started in 2013 by Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch as an extension of LAB DE STU,
an award-winning independent Melbourne based design collective founded in 2011.
Dowel Jones is interested in simplifying objects to their bare essentials without
compromising on aesthetic values while also minimising materials and processes, working
with manufacturers involved in the development of everyday materials and objects.

The newest design from Dowel Jones is ‘Hooked Up', a leather strap available in three
different sizes that can be used to band together whatever objects your heart desires.
A modern take on the trusty cable tie, Hooked Up is more regularly used for rolling paper
or fabric, creating straps for shopping bags and cable management.
The smallest of the three ties has a loop which makes it a keychain and means you will
never be without a tie! Along with the ties, we also have a collection of the Dowel Jones
leather mouse pads which are the epitome of great, simple design.



Photography: Elise Wilken
Styling & Words: Natalie Turnbull