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The amazingly sweet Monk House shopgirls Natalie and Elise from Witu have been working overtime! We are ecstatic to have collaborated with them to create a Witu Habitat in store to coincide with the launch of their newest product the Habitat Backpack (now available online!). We're also beside ourselves to have a stunning Navy neoprene colourway in all of their products - exclusive to Monk House!!

Seeing as we have direct MHD contact with both Elise and Nat, we asked them a few questions regarding the installation and their new Habitat Tropic range.

Thank you so much for collaborating with us on this installation! 
Hello! It's our pleasure.

When did Witu launch it's first range? What drove you to become designers and how long has Witu been operating?
Witu isn't really like any other fashion or accessories brand because we never realllllly launched a range. We kind of just started making and selling stuff. That being said, our Habitat Arctic and Tropic ranges were probably our first and most official- and coolest too I think. It's funny looking back on the things we made at the beginning!

Elise is a graphic designer and I am studying sculpture so we come at our collections from a design vs art background which becomes a part of our design process and we also think it shines through in our products.

Can you tell us a bit about what has inspired your display?
Our display is based on a photograph taken by our friend Jason Hamilton (aka Jayham) whilst on a trip down to the coast. He found a large pile of wood/sticks and luckily we had some witu bags on hand! We wanted to recreate the habitat in the picture within the store in a way that would make reference to the photo but also highlight our use of neoprene and of course our new backpacks.

Why have you chosen these particular elements?
The white neoprene mat circles form as a kind of 'Witu' platform for a tiny habitat - one with wood and leaves to give reference to the photo and one with our new products! The photo on the window is the reference, taken by Jayham.

Can you tell us a little bit about your current range in store? 
We broke our 'Habitat' range into two; Arctic for the winter stock and Tropics for the summer stock. It is all based around Neoprene accessories like backpacks, tote bags, camera straps (that double as belts) and necklaces. They are hardy accessories designed to last with a touch of colour!

Who/what is your biggest creative inspiration and why? 
I think both Elise and I are super inspired by Australian's kicking ass! It's so nice to see people who I guess are just like us, going out into the world and making a name for themselves in what they love doing. Whether it be artists, designers, musicians, that for us is pretty exciting. I think its because one day we hope that we can be like that too.

Photos by Elise Wilken