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We can hardly believe it. Confetti System is in the h o u s e!

After our gorgeous MHD shopgirl Nat interned for Confetti System duo, Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen, earlier this year, she arrived back home wearing what we consider to be a jaw-dropping, traffic-stopping, immaculately hand-crafted necklace. She didn't have to do a thing to convince us that the Confetti System necklace's were perfect for Monk House Design. Consisting of silk charmeuse & leather, these highly coveted beauties are available in three different styles and colours.


We're also very lucky to have just received two amazing signature Confetti Systems piñatas!! We have a stunning silver glittering diamond taking pride of place in our front window and a majestic pale pink meteorite in the center of the store. Swing by to check them out... far to precious to be whacked! 

Read more about Nat's stint interning for Confetti Systems on the Design Files here and check out her pics below. Such an amazing experience, we wish we were all there with her! Go Natty!