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Verner: This is veneer SS15

Verner is back with a bang this Spring/Summer introducing their latest collection ‘This Is Vaneer’.

Based in Melbourne, Verner is Ingrid Verner. Founded in 2012 the label has come to be known as one of the most interesting, dynamic labels on the scene. A commitment to fun and experimentation has seen Verner create garments that play with function, wearability and gender. Defined by originality and irreverence the Verner girl is one that reflects on influences, tastes and choices, be it socially or sartorially.

A tongue in cheek reference to her last collection ‘This is Verner’, the SS15/16 collection is a continuation on themes explored previously, with shapes and ideas repeated and used as motifs throughout. 

Considering ideas proposed by Robin Boyd in his 1960 book ‘The Australian Ugliness’ Verner examines the futile, kitsch details of the Australian landscape. Playing with thoughts of familiar knick-knacks and tacky prints, the collection questions the comforting illusions of the suburban ‘Australian dream’. 

Always in the details, the collection see’s Verner apply a range of decorative techniques including screen prints, appliquéd motifs and embroidery. Patterning and printing is used as a way for designer and wearer to play with the idea of the veneer; the surface or image that we’re constantly creating and confronting. In this respect the persian rug becomes a modern brocade, screen printed boldly onto cotton and reinvented. 

Working closely with a graphic designer, the unique prints are designed in-house. This season see’s hand drawn woodgrain, persian rugs and familiar household items are set against striking primary colours in black, white and blue. The collection is making us swoon. 

We’ve received a special delivery featuring amazing pants, dresses and the most fabulous printed silk kaftan.

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