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PAM x Misaki Kuwai

If you haven't strolled past and noticed Monk House Design with a vamped up window, we need to let you know that we're so excited to be featuring the amazing collaboration between Melbourne iconic label PAM x Misaki Kawai from PAM's "Wild Wild Life" collection.

NY based/Japanese artist Misaki Kuwai's eclectic art practice of paintings, illustrations and sculptural installations is influenced by western pop culture, 60’s fashion and hippie culture. Bright, bold and kooky! While the team at PAM have done some really great collaborations in the past, we think this one could be our favourite. 

"We approached Misaki because we loved her artwork at first we just bought her zines for Someday store and from there we asked her if we could use her artwork for the collection we were developing "Wild Wild Life". It was such a good fit for the feeling of the collection." - PAM



This collection is not for the faint-hearted, with bold colours and sculptural shapes set to assure that you will definitely make an entrance. Never fear if that's not your style, we have both the Lost Highway jumpsuit and Pine Cone dress in Black!

Swing by soon and check out the other great PAM stock in store while we still have the Misaki Kawai artwork on the window.