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Seb Brown: Brooches

Always one to make impressive deviations from the norm, local jeweller/artist Seb Brown has moved away from the raw appeal of previous work forging a series of highly polished objects for the everyday. 

Inspired by symbology and totemic objects, Seb has just delivered an array of brooches and other items.
Made from carefully composed “offcuts” and cast in sterling silver, these pieces were created to be worn - to embellish, adorn and decorate. Pieces for Winter, Seb’s appeal lies in his innate ability to produce jewellery that is infinitely wearable. Functioning like an earring his brooches pierce into lapels and scarfs, creating the perfect seasonal accessory.  

When things get bland it seems Seb’s here to save the day, reinventing and recreating for our viewing pleasure. See more at his ‘Vigilance’ exhibition running now at the Pieces of 8 gallery until July 25th or shop his objects in-store now.

Images by Seb Brown :