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Verner: Home Wrecker

Verner’s latest collection “Home Wrecker” has arrived.

Reflecting on Robin Boyd and his critical observation of suburbia and referencing her own experiences of Australian suburbs during her youth, Verner’s latest collection is a direct reaction to the urban landscape and ideas of the Australian Dream. 

With traditional fabrics as it’s basis Verner's AW collection comments on ideas of the body as one’s home and inspects notions of private and public, work and leisure. Drawing from traditional objects and surfaces within this arena “Home Wrecker” takes from domestic objects, with patterns citing blankets, rugs and other furnishings. 

Made for experimentation and play, garments are worn layered with wearer ultimately becoming architect of their own environment. In true Verner style garments are an ode to the playful nature of fashion and dressing, with details allowing the wearer to tweak the garment according to their mood. 

Always sure to deliver Verner’s latest collection is no different. Come have a look, in-store now!