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This week we’ve warmly opened our arms to Melbourne based fashion label and design project Articles of Clothing. Joining us for Autumn/Winter we’ve received a very special selection of garments including soft pullovers, bonded neoprene coats and wool pants.

Founded as a way for artist/designer Annie Wu to document and archive all the pieces she’d made over the years, Articles has now progressed into a fully fledged clothing project. Examines and re-evaluating everyday garments Annie’s articles question form, function & utility. 

Moving against the seasonal, trend based structure Articles prefers a ‘slow manufacturing’ process inspired by idea rather than necessity. Eliminating excess & waste, pieces are made in-house or produced locally according to demand.

Big statements by a small designer, we’re impressed by Annie’s commitment to small scale production, ethical considerations & natural fibres. Her pieces are sure to make a very ‘warm integration’ into any wardrobe.

A milestone of sorts, Annie’s in-store installation features Article No. 100 the Indoor/Outdoor Rug. Hanging ceremoniously in the window in all it’s autumnal glory the rug is an ode to cooler months.

We spoke to Annie recently about the unique concept behind articles, her approach to design & whats on the horizon…

Can you tell us a little bit about Articles of Clothing, what is the brands ethos and the driving force behind it's creation?

Articles of Clothing is a design project that aims to reevaluate everyday clothing by examining the aesthetics of utility, form and function. Articles works in way that chronologically canonises the production of each individual garment as they are designed and made. Each item is given a number and becomes integral to the unfolding of the ongoing, evolving series. 

The Articles Ethos is based around the elimination of excess and waste, each garment is carefully considered and made according to demand in house or locally produced. The garments are designed simply to conserve resources and employ a makeshift way of designing, or to control the use of unnecessary decorative features and hopefully bring the focus back on the ideas around the garments. 

The serial nature of Articles is quite a unique concept, how did it come about? 

The serial aspect came about originally when I started to recollect and document all the clothes I had made over the years as an art project, which then became a platform to continue the project under the name of Articles of Clothing. The seriality is a simple way of keeping order in a repetitive gesture - that being me designing clothing, but more importantly the significance is in the distraction away from the conventional fashion world tropes of ’seasons’ and ‘collections’, ‘ themes’, ‘looks’ and so forth. I find that it’s a fruitful and unburdened way of working which allows wearers to engage with the lineage of the entire project as opposed to what is ‘new’ and ‘old’.

In the past you’ve spoken about creating clothes that aren’t trend or season-based, is this something you still consider when designing? 

Yes absolutely, and the nature of how I set  up Articles does this naturally, however with that said, Articles does have it’s own aesthetic and we do exist in a fashion paradigm and whether you’re working on trend or off trend becomes a fashion statement sooner or later. I would like to think that my clothes have a timeless quality and more focused on the ideas behind the garments rather than what can be adapted from high fashion or low fashion. All the Articles are inconspicuous enough that one could wear them on a regular basis, and are easily integrated into the pre existing wardrobes. I guess a typical Articles buyer is one akin to a collector who invests into a garment as an idea, and wears this idea and is able to start a conversation with their friends about it.  

Can you tell us a little about your installation in-store?

Yes, the installation features the Articles Indoor/Outdoor Rug which is No.100 and a pinnacle moment in the Articles of Clothing history. I think the Rug signifies an important milestone in the project and an exciting prospect for the future. It’s also not a piece of clothing, but a useful object for the home or a picnic, a sign of warm integration which I hope the clothes also share with Monk House and also their wearers.  

Any exciting projects on the horizon for Articles? 

Lots in the planning and projects being worked on as I type. Lots of exciting collaborations this year, one of which is with local duo Many Many we are co-designing a bag for the show in Tokyo coming up later in the year. Many more ideas still in it’s infancy, but stay tuned on Instagram