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Jessilla Rogers

There’s something innately fun about the work of Melbourne based ceramicist Jessilla Rogers. Her colourful vessels speak, in all their wonky glory, of a playful reaction to their maker’s environment.

Incorporating built and thrown techniques, Jessilla’s style has evolved organically through experimentation and play. Intending to be used, her pieces evolve in reaction to their owners needs. While they sit pretty, their functionality is effortless.

After moving from Adelaide Jessilla stumbled into pottery when she realised how much she enjoyed the actual process of ‘making things’. After a trip to Japan, Jessilla spent 6 months working on a portfolio before entering into Ceramics at RMIT mid-2013.

Since then Jessilla has been working hard! As well as being snapped up by retailers in Melbourne and beyond, Jessilla has been involved in a considerable number of group and solo exhibitions, not to mention teaching ceramics on the side! What a go-getter!

Filling the store with a selection of her latest and greatest (vases, pasta bowls and mugs just to name a few) Jessilla also found the time to cover our shop window with bright ribbons of colour. Needless to day, we’re in love!

Come have a look at Jessilla’s amazing work & be sure not to miss the install which runs until the 6th of April.

We were also lucky enough to speak to Jessilla about her practice, have a read below…

How did you discover your love of ceramics and pottery?

I’ve always liked making things and doing art stuff and as a kid I thought if you wanted to be an artist then you became a painter but I didn’t really have anything I was desperate to paint, I just liked colours and pattern a lot. When I started going to evening pottery classes I found my medium because I could make 3D things, decorate them however I liked and use them too 

Has it been a long process getting to your distinguishable style?

It’s been a bit of a long process working out how to get things to look as I want them to. I feel like a lot of stuff can be out of your control when you put something in a kiln and fire it to 1280 degrees and it’s been a long process working out how to control some of those things.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

My dream is to live in Sydney and swim in the sea baths everyday and I think that everything I make is an expression of that desire. Really.

Do you see your practice venturing into other mediums? We noticed you recently curated a show at one of our favourite galleries Mr Kitly and because we really love your painted window in store! 

Yeah definitely, I’d love to turn some of my patterns into textile prints. I also want to start casting some stuff and I really enjoyed.