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Workshop: Kloke - Process, inspiration & sourcing

‘Workshop is a space for us to share a unique glimpse into the work of some of Melbourne’s most talented designers.
It is a space for new thought, information and engaging conversation’

A place for others to come and learn about the labels that we not only stock, but respect, we’ll be gaining insight through conversation with each talk presenting designers focusing on different subjects relevant to their work. 
Endeavouring to allow others to discover more about the brands we love, Workshop is a place to learn from, and
with designers. Keen to acknowledge what happens beyond the surface, behind the final product, Workshop is a
platform for understanding.

First up we present Kloke. Founded in 2011, Kloke is husband and wife duo Amy and Adam Coombes. Combining years
of experience in areas of design and business the Melbourne based label is run & owned by the pair. Known for their
unique approach to design and emphasis on quality materials, the talk will see the duo discuss their path to sourcing
inspiration and fabrics.

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