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Klein & Schön

Designed and made by hand here in Melbourne, Klein & Schön is a new range of pastel coloured homewares and jewellery created by the super sweet, super talented Genevieve Bryce-Stenzel.

We love a bit of young talent here at MHD and at 21 the lady behind the label is going places! After studying visual merchandising Genevieve taught herself to craft as a mediative escape from her busy work schedule. 

Cast from polymer clay and tinted with glimmers of neutral glitters, the pieces are all unique, one of a kind objects perfect for your spaces. The pastel palette and subtle functionality of Klein & Schon has really wooed us here at MHD.

Designed to combat the growing culture of mass production these treasures are sure to make your heart skip a beat.

We had a chat to Genevieve about the label, creating and her installation below. Have a read or come take a peek at the collection in-store and online now.


Hey Genevieve! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m 21, based in Melbourne, professionally trained in Visual Merchandising but self taught when it comes to all things craft and DIY.

Can you tell us about how Klein & Schon came about? Did you have a set plan or did it happen organically?

KLEIN&SCHON was created organically. Working as a full time VM you need to put all of your energy into your work. I started creating things as a way to meditate and wind down after my workdays. I would post photos of my creations on social media, and after receiving positive feedback and selling earrings and vessels to my friends, I decided I could make it work on a professional level. 

 What inspires you to create?

Just the idea of being able to create something from scratch inspires me! Being able to say, “Hey. I made that! and I am capable.” is a great feeling.

I’m also inspired by the beautiful little things that stand out from the mediocre haze of everyday life.

Can you tell us a bit about your installation in store?

The installation is minimal and focuses on the product itself.

Specifically focusing on the idea that an ideal product should be able to stand alone with out frills and still catch your eye is important to me, it needs to be interesting in itself. Almost like when you view something at a gallery!

What are you looking forward to in 2015?

I am looking forward to growing KLEIN & SCHON as a business. I try not to plan too far ahead when it comes to the small details as things always change. But, if one day this year, I see a cute gal walking down the street and she’s wearing a pair of KLEIN & SCHON earrings (and she isn’t one of my friends haha) that will definitely be an accomplishment! 


Images by Elise Wilken