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The fashion savvy duo with a social conscious behind Per-Tim have been keeping busy! Returning to Monk House in the
new year with their high summer injection collection - 'Untitled Part Two'.

You'll find a fresh array of their latest and greatest, including kimonos and tee's plus pieces from their collab with jewellery
designer Melanie Rice.

Exploring our relationships with both each other, and the environment, Per-Tim have created a self-reflexive collection that
looks at our place in the world. Seeking to position us both typographically and metaphorically, their pieces feature amazing
prints inspired by landfill and boundless expanses of dry rubble.

And while there's a lot to take from their designs, Per-Tim's bedroom to bar aesthetic keeps things fun and casual. 

Come have a look at 'United Part Two' in-store and online now!