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Designed and made in Melbourne, Gus is the brainchild of Augusta Richardson a local textile designer whose pieces are built around ideas of abstraction, timelessness and simplicity.

Inspired by painter David Hockney’s famous musings on art making, her work is vested in creating ‘new ways of seeing, new ways of feeling’.

Reevaluating pattern, her influences are wide ranging. Making moves away from tradition toward the new, Gus is all about re-interpretation. Her inspection of irregularity in pattern and 1980s street wear manifests itself throughout her work, and can be seen in the colourful patterning.

The current range ‘Carry You’ is based around notions of meaning. Gus acknowledges that we place special significance on scarves, carrying pieces through life they remain ready, rediscovered and reinterpreted at different moments.

There’s a real consciousness behind Gus, things are kept local, with scarves made in Melbourne and digitally printed in Sydney. Even minor details aren’t left unresolved, with a keen sense of awareness swing tags are printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks.

Solid lines contrast vivid pastels, forming combinations that have us swooning. The perfect addition to any wardrobe, these are pieces that are sure to stay! Shop the range in-store or online now.