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Rittle is Ellie King, a Melbourne local whose passion for doing and making has evolved from
late night embroidering and a passion for scouring secondhand stores into something pretty

Moving from her home to ours we’ve been lucky enough to play host to a range of her soft,
smiling cat sculptures and beaming wooden wall hangings. In anticipation her in-store
installation we had a chat to Ellie about Rittle, her cats and what’s to come…

Can you tell us a little bit about how Rittle came about? Did you have a set plan or did
it happen organically?

I would defiantly say organically, I've always painted and drawn and mucked about with
sewing, but when I was running my last business, which was a cafe, embroidering every
night was the only thing that would relax me. It was never intended to be my job but I love
it so much and people seem to like what I'm doing, so yeah, I guess its what I do now!!

What inspires you to create?

Seeing what other people are doing, that motivates me to get making! I love giving people
presents so if I like some one a lot I’ll be inspired to make them something special.

Can you tell us a bit about your installation in store?

I’ve made all these hand painted and hand embroidered cats that each have a lot of personality.
This is their hang out for the next two weeks before they get adopted by their new parents.

What will summer be like for Rittle? 

Very busy! I’m in the process of launching a home wares website that will feature old and new
wares from artist all around the world. I also have a few pieces in at the Design Files Open
house in December! Hectic is good haha!