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After Soot’s launch in-store we spoke to designer Edwina Sinclair about her Spring-Summer
collection ‘Splash’…

Can you tell us a little bit about your 'Splash' Collection?

The ‘SPLASH’ collection incorporates a sense of playfulness with youthful silhouettes, opulent
fabrics and bright hues whilst dabbling in cotton knitwear.  Paying homage to my Australian
roots, the collection incorporates everyday life in Summer featuring droplet, floral and seedling
prints. The exaggerated designs carry bright and popping colour palettes in soft greens,
candy pinks, sky blues and lemon yellows. This collection is the first to include jewellery, the
fine silver pieces from Tilly jewellery integrates SOOT’s signature prints. All garments are
made and designed in Brisbane!

How do you seek inspiration for a new collection?

‘SPLASH’ draws inspiration from 1930’s beach loungewear, pyjama, sand and iPhone emoji’s.
The collection stays true to Soot’s core philosophies incorporating luxury, texture and a sense
of humor. I often draw inspiration from my surroundings and whilst in London it influenced me
to delve into luxurious and unusual textiles.

Can you tell us a bit about your installation in store?

The installation at Monk House Design is a combination of the emoji prints used throughout the
collection and the playful colour palette for summer. I think the installation demonstrates the
humorous and fun feel that I hope the garments bring to its wearer.

What will summer be like for Soot?

Playful, colourful, relaxed, iphone emoji’s.