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Witu: Ozone

After the recent launch of their latest range ‘Ozone’ we spoke to the neoprene dream team
about the collection, their inspirations and the infamous material itself…

Tell us a little bit about your 'Ozone' collection.

Our new collection is best described by our good friend Lisa Marie Corso here:

Witu’s latest range Ozone will reveal the unsung creatures of the deep. Inspired by the habitats
of the ocean, from the crashing waves to radioactive jellyfish, each new piece in Ozone is
connected to what lies beneath. 

Murky underwater pastels and the introduction of a new sandy tactile neoprene form the
tone of Witu’s latest range. Old favourites including their signature tote and backpack have
been reimagined, while new species including a scalloped edged ‘Wave’ bag, shell-shaped
bowler bag, exoskeleton wearable tech accessories, puff painted clothing, and even a stubby
holder designed to enjoy the coast bayside have been added to the Witu line-up. 

Similarly to the chameleon-like qualities of underwater life that have the ability to hide from
prey by taking on the form of their surroundings, each piece in Ozone will metamorphose
before your eyes. The iPad case transforms into a clutch, the toiletry bag into a daytime
companion, while the bowler bag becomes nocturnal as the overnighter. 

Ozone will take you from the deep blue to the shore.

How do you seek inspiration for a new collection?

Both of us seek inspiration differently, but I would say that we both draw inspiration from the
everyday. Elise likes the sea breeze to help her think clearly and Nat likes the hustle and bustle
of city life to get her thinking. A lot of our designs are based off a particular function i.e if we
want a bag to take away for the weekend we will design something specifically for this that
caters to all the requirements this function demands. Therefore, we are inspired by going
through our day-to-day lives and thinking about ways to make this better, cooler and with
lots more neoprene. 

The 'Ozone' collection continues to heavily involve neoprene, is this something you
guys will continue with in your future collections?

Neoprene is something we wanted to stick with for this collection and we feel like it will
always play some kind of role in our collections. It's just so amazing! But we do want to move
into new fabrics and maybe a bit more clothing too as our long sleeves have been super popular! 

Can you tell us a bit about your installation in store?

Our installation in-store continues on with our 'wavy' icon spread throughout our collection
with a wavy camo 'carpet' and a wavy rack courtesy of our friends at Mr. Dowel Jones x Mathery
Studio. The installation is simple, but it shows off our colour palette and range of colours.
Elise has also hand painted our 'Ozone' logo on the window.

What will summer be like for Witu?

We will be spending lots of time on our bikes, at the pool, spending hours in the studio and
hopefully some fun weekend getaways. As for the accessories, we are going to drop a few
more fun summer styles when it starts warming up a little more.