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Witu: Ozone installation

We’d be lying if we said that Witu wasn’t a favorite here at MHD… In fact you’d be hard pressed to find a Monk House shopgirl sans Witu. Be it the new season wave tote, the timeless classic Habitat backpack or petal coloured clam clutch; a Witu’s never too far away.

Inspired by the everyday, the duo draw from their lived experience to create products for yours. This season sees the label move away from the flamboyant colour palette of seasons past, replacing electric blue and amethyst with earthy pastel hues that will have you swooning. For the next two weeks you’ll have the unique opportunity to see all the Ozone goodies in the flesh, including the full range of their Spring/Summer colours.

Creating an indulgent, otherworldly paradise the pair have installed the ultimate wavy Ozone inspired carpet, cut gracefully from a camo neoprene. You’ll also spot the ultimate wavy rack thanks to the guys behind the design collective Mr. Dowel Jones and their recent collab with Mathery Studio.

Sweet, simple and dreamy, come have a peek and a play – we bet you won’t wanna leave empty handed... 

If you can’t make it during the installation have a look at the Ozone collection via our online store or read our interview with the girls here.