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Wax has taught us here at Monk House that surfing isn’t all about braving the freezing cold and certain death; in fact what we’ve realised by reading Wax is that surfing goes way beyond the waves. Somewhere between where the water meets the sand surfing has turned into a rich culture.

Moving through art and writing Wax is a bi-annual publication based in New York that explores the ‘intersections between art, culture and surfing.’ Broken into three sections, issue #5: Immediacy, explores its contributors’ responses to the theme.

Presented on gloss and matte paper Wax is 128 pages of delicious colour, teaming fresh typography with sleek imagery. Photographs are visually stunning. Colourful and alluring they examine responses to a life that is deeply indebted to the surfing culture.

Beyond beaches themes quickly turn to deeper and more sublime concerns. Matt Rohrer reflects on his obsession with vandalism, Alek Parker talks about his life as a pro surfer and artist John Houck shares his thoughts on art and the process of photographing his childhood items. Beyond that you’ll find articles that traverse psychoanalysis, procrastination and nothingness.

We’re all about good images and good articles and Wax provides. Come grab your copy in-store or via our online store