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Our In house Essential Oil blend


If you’ve been lucky enough to come into the store over the last nine years you might have noticed a waft of something in the air...

Since we opened in 2005 we’ve been burning a special Monk House Design essential oil mix. In case you we were wondering what is was, well, we’ve kept it a secret, until now…  We’re excited to announce that you can now take a little bit of Monk House home with you!

After a lot of trial and error we’ve nailed the signature scent and bottled it. Our signature blend is made from 100% essential oils, mixing the perfect amounts of grapefruit, bergamot and rose geranium to create a scent that will immerse your space with the lovely scent of Monk House Design. 

We think we smell pretty nice, and we hope you do too! Come get a whiff in-store now or via our online store.