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Moved Objects

Released last year by Perimeter Editions, Moved Objects is the visual record of the collaboration between Melbourne artists Georgia Hutchinson and Arini Byng. The book charts the duo's investigation of 'material juxtaposition, sculptural choreography and the photographic still life.' 

After meeting the duo started playing in the studio, sharing words and ideas. This conversation soon resulted in a collaborative effort, including exhibitions in Australia and abroad, and the publication of Moved Objects. Inspired by ‘material communication’, Hutchinson and Byng have gone on to create a succession of works spaning across photographic, curatorial and sculptural realms.  

The book is visually stunning. Reflexive of their combined practices, their images are an interesting conversation between artist and surrounds, creating visual metaphors from lived experience and observation. By marrying together everyday objects they create imagery that it strangely surreal yet undeniably beautiful.

Read more about the collaboration here, or purchase your copy via our online store.