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Seb Brown

We’ve been a fan of Seb Brown for a number of years now and we were pretty happy to have him back. After a brief hiatus, during which he travelled throughout Asia and Europe, Seb is back in town and he's adorned our shop with colourful paper shapes and a bunch of beautiful new stock.  

Seb's approach to creating is one that is guided by his experience of the everyday; of travel, conversation, and patterns that evolve organically from environments, wherever they may be - "I'm constantly being influenced by everything all the time. Snippets of conversations, poles leaning against walls, piles of rubbish, smooth bumper bars, the tension and lightness of two shapes or textures accidentally interacting with each other."

Drawing from his lived experience Seb creates pieces that are innately unique. Each piece is both inspired and influenced by the environment in which it is created. This means each piece evolves organically, as if in nature. 

We see pieces with hand-cast resin crystals in vivid pinks and greens, Japanese glass beads, silk thread and sterling silver. Familiar yet special, we're very happy that Seb has returned and you will be too! 

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