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Verner 'White Wash' AW14

In this ‘crazy’ fashion world it's hard to find our own sense of identity. We're easily dazzled by the thrilling colours, fabrics and patterns of a labels new collection but we don't stop and think about how they really came about or what significance they really hold. We strive to make meaning from coats, and pants and socks, but do we know what's really going on? 

The team behind Melbourne label Verner do. They create clothes that have something to say, and their latest collection, White Wash, is no different. Inspired by the use of kitsch iconography the range uses subtle visual indicators to allude not only to the current universality of street wear culture, but more symbolically to Australian history. 

The collection references ‘white washing’. Interpreting this phrase Verner speaks of “the use of paint, lime and chalk as a cheap coating used to give a clean uniform appearance.” She also speaks of the idea of white wash as “a metaphor for glossing over or the covering up vices, crimes or scandals.”

And while Verner makes some very important commentary, it’s interesting to notice the designers continuous commitment to delivering dynamic street wear and this is undeniably reflected in this super cool, super unique collection.

Playing with classic designs Verner is able to re-invigorate and re-imagine classic pieces as ubiquitous as the track suit and take them straight from the footpath to the dance floor.

Influenced by the “softness” found in children’s wear we see cropped jumpers in soft cottons, t-shirts that evolve into skirts and back, long pullover dresses and puffy jackets that you’ll never want to take off. 

Come check out the White Wash collection in-store now, or have a look at it here