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Mirador Installation

Designer Lauren Elise Cassar’s ethos is a reference, as the Spanish term ‘Mirador’ would suggest, to the viewpoint of admiring something grander than yourself. “A fond memory of the warmer months; a glimpse of the sublime.” Each of Lauren’s designs are created carefully by hand, large scale prints feature painterly strokes of colour, marbled textures and capture a sense of strength and femininity. A small, independently run business, Mirador contributes long lasting, high quality garments, ethically and locally made.

Mirador’s latest offering Eating Well for Autumn Winter 2016 is inspired by sharing, connecting and contemporary Australian culture: one that is more great by the diversity of its occupants, which brings delicious food and people combined to our tables.  Beautifully considered, effortless restrained designs for wearing to a dinner party, a weekend escaping the city, on a stroll eating a piece of fruit.

Hand painted silk kimonos, silk/linen ensembles, wraps, tops and sweaters in rose, fawn and pepper reds. Unique prints inspired by Australia bush-tucker and unique garment detailing with Alpaca Wool. 

To celebrate this beautiful range Lauren has installed a great window display in store at Monk House Design featuring her beautiful hand painted silk kimono and fresh seasonal produce. The display will be up until the 13th June, so pop by and have a look.