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PAGEANT - Fervour

Amanda Cumming and Kate Reynolds established their independent fashion label PAGEANT in 2010. Drawing inspiration from diverse realms and praised for their innovation and ingenuity, PAGEANT collections advocate an alternate vision of femininity that is fresh, fierce and current. Their garments are forged from technically sophisticated fabrics, with aesthetic odes to sportswear.

True to its name the latest from the Melbourne duo ‘Fervour’ is another bold collection exemplifying feminine and masculine shapes and forms while leaving space for gender expression.

“Fierce and flirty, strong yet sensual, ‘Fervour’ celebrates empowerment, sexual liberation and carnal desire.”

The sensual fitted lightweight fabrics and clingy shapes that we know and love from Pageant return in this collection embracing the body in contrast with the strong angular lines of the knitwear and bold shapes of the denim which brings a 1970’s twist.

A sophisticated palette of colours such as deep reds and fleshy tones are paired to enhance the form and powdery blues bring a sporty feel. Charcoal knits, olive and indigo denim sit alongside delicate iridescent slips and floral jacquard.

Pieces from the collection will be arriving in store over the next few weeks so come in and try them on an experience the collection for yourself.