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Dress Up - In Dreams AW16

Dress Up’s Autumn Winter offering ‘In Dreams’ is a uniquely feminine range with soft hues and warm textures. Dressing the David Lynch heroine, Stephanie Downey looked to Lynch’s iconic pieces; Lost Highway, Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. A central theme of women who are mysterious, sensual and strong guided the development of the collection.

Dress Up staples return in warm, wintery tones – the cross over polo in light merino jersey and the classic tailored pant in a sturdy wool/viscose blend. New takes on old favourites such as the v neck tee and pullover. Pair these back with the collections feature pieces like the incredible lavender coloured wool Moto Jacket. You can’t go wrong with that.

Textures of soft merino, wool coating, velvet, corduroy and devoré in rich deep purple, lavender, warm burgundy and pale dusty grey sets the scene for a collection you could only dream of. Except now it’s real, and you can have it.