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Monk House Design is ecstatic to introduce PER-TIM, a stunning new bedding and loungewear label by Melbourne fashion darlings, Bernadette Francis and Laura Albee Barton. Their debut collection titled Club Bed, a tongue-in-cheek homage to the heyday of Club Med, is being exhibited at Monk House Design which may be our most exciting installation yet. Key pieces from the collection are being introduced slowly during the course of the week to culminate in a live live-in installation this Friday as our shopgirl Mietta tucks herself into bed in our shop front window at 11am until Saturday morning, becoming the perfect real-life model for 24 hours.

We caught up with both Bernadette and Laura and asked them a few questions about PER-TIM.

What drove the two of you to begin PER-TIM? 
It happened very organically. We were hanging out at the beach this last summer and both had a bit of a laugh about how pathetic our beach towels were. We thought, why is it so impossible to find unique Australian made homewares and lifestyle products that aren't kitsch or crafty? Our first project was meant to be just manchester but seeing as Bern just completed her Honours in Fashion Design at RMIT and Albee has a long history of working for lots of different labels it made sense to extend the collection into loungewear too. We want PER-TIM to act as a means of engaging with practitioners across a broad range of fields each collection and culminate in a set of tangible lifestyle items and associated ephemera

In creating loungewear, sleepwear and daywear, can you explain the day in a life of a PER-TIM customer?
Sleep, work, play, repeat :)

Can you tell us about the choice in name?
PER/TIM is a scientific term, standing for PERIOD and TIMELESS. They are two genes which oscillate to regulate circadian rhythms in certain animals.

What role each of you plays in the business?
We design everything together however Bernadette has a stronger technical background having studied Fashion Design at RMIT. Albee's strength is in marketing and branding. Together we just work. We really couldn't do it without each other.

What would you say is the philosophy behind your label?
To produce interesting, playful, quality items; whether it be manchester, a beach towel or your favourite coffee mug. We aim to work with a diverse range of collaborators each collection and to continue to explore new design avenues.

Can you tell us a bit about this collection and installation in store? 
Collection one in entitled 'Club Bed'. It's our tongue-in-cheek reference to Club Med. The range and print designs reference the  'tacky luxury' of the 80's all inclusive resorts. The interiors, the pool and the nightlife have all been explored visually through print thanks to some talented creatives, Tristan Ceddia of Never Now and Jordan Dolheguy of Totem.

Our installation is a beautiful four-poster bed, created by Mathew Adey of House of Vnholy. The clean white lines of the bed reference our scientific name PER-TIM. Monk House shopgirl Mietta will be doing a Yoko Ono-esque 'bed-sit' from 11am Friday 29th for a full 24 hours where shoppers and walkers-by can see her immersed in the full PER-TIM experience; eating 'Club Bed' inspired food and reading PER-TIM inspired literature. We are all asleep for a quarter of our lives and we seek to make the transition from awake to asleep easier.

What exciting projects do have planned for the future?
We are launching Collection One at Goodtime Studios on December 7th. There will be an installation by Mathew Adey, photographic work by Phebe Schmidt, a film by Sally Tabart and a few more tricks up our sleeve!