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Monk House Design is ecstatic to introduce PER-TIM, a stunning new bedding and loungewear label by Melbourne fashion darlings, Bernadette Francis and Laura Albee Barton.

Their debut collection titled Club Bed, a tongue-in-cheek homage to the heyday of Club Med, is being exhibited at Monk House Design which may be our most exciting installation yet. Key pieces from the collection have been introduced slowly during the course of the week to culminate in a live live-in installation this Friday as our shopgirl Mietta tucks herself into bed in our shop front window at 11am until Saturday morning, becoming the perfect real-life model for 24 hours.

Using PER-TIM as a platform to collaborate with practitioners across a broad range of fields, Francis and Albee Barton have installed a bed made in collaboration with Matthew Adey of House of Vnholy, a minimal, almost clinical interpretation of a bed for PER-TIM, which will serve as Mietta's chaise during her 24 hr sleep in.

For the range, Francis and Albee Barton worked with both Tristian Ceddia of Never Now and Jordan Dolheguy of Totem Visual on prints, drawing inspiration from ideas of the Resort. "Inspiration for the Recreation print was about capturing the physical 'resort' in a playful manner, and Tristan's incredible rendering of an almost architectural view of a typical Club Med with an injection of some Memphis Milano textures hits the nail on the head for us. The Restoration print was designed by Jordan with the idea of luxury in mind, as well as referencing the European history of Club Med. Rejuvenation was inspired by the idea of relaxing and capturing movement in a still image - the light prisms reflecting from the water as it moves and distorts the mosaic tiling at the bottom of the pool."

With the name PER-TIM standing for period and timeless, two genes which oscillate to regulate circadian rhythms in certain animals, both Francis and Albee Barton are working outside of the traditional 'seasonal' fashion with PER-TIM aiming to be timeless with each collection marking a certain period of working together rather than Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter cycles.

We caught up with both Bernadette and Laura and asked them a few questions about PER-TIM. Click here to read more.