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The talented duo Natalie Turnbull and Elise Wilken from Witu have just taken to our front window to create an explosion of neoprene accessories to celebrate their newest products, pot plant puffs & circle clutches. Adding to their already extensive collection titled Wituland, Turnbull and Wilken never cease to amaze!

What drove the two of you to begin Witu and how long has the label been operating?
We established Witu around two years ago now out of a desire to create female accessories that filled the gap in the market for utilitarian pieces with a fashion focus. After sampling and making pieces that we intended to be for ourselves, we found that others - friends, family and eventually people we didn’t know wanted them too and so we thought we would give it a go at starting a label. 

What would you say is the ethos behind your label?
Simple designs and functionality lie at the heart of all of our designs. The simple design allows the pieces to be accessible to a diverse range of people.

Can you tell us a bit about this collection and installation in store?
Our current collection Wituland features a range of new shapes and a refined colour palette. It is based around the idea of survival in it's different shapes and forms, so includes pieces like our overnighter duffle bag that’s essential for long weekends, the circle zip clutch perfect for dancing. Each piece is designed around a need or want of ours to survive different circumstances.

What exciting projects do have planned for the future?
We are working on ideas for our next collection at the moment, which we hope will be really exciting. We’re also taking part in The Design Files Open House which is new and fresh for us, and hopefully will introduce our label to a new range of people too. Besides from that, we are looking forward to summer and learning to cook new things, going to yoga classes and hanging out with our friends. Do those count as projects? We hope so!

Photos by Elise Wilken