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fixxed x Elizabeth Newman


We're delighted to have a beautiful window display featuring the amazing, and longtime MHD fav, ffiXXed, highlighting their collaboration with Melbourne artist Elizabeth Newman.

We quickly asked Fi Lau and Kain Picken from ffiXXed about their collaboration with Lizzy, plans for the future and a little bit more about the label...

What drove the two of you to begin ffixxed and how long has the label been operating?
We started working together as a way to integrate different aspects of out creative, personal and economic lives and ffiXXed became the framework  for doing this. We first started working together as ffiXXed in the beginning of 2008 and started the label at the end of  2009.

What would you say is the ethos behind ffixxed?
To use creativity and analysis to respond to, and develop new ideas, for contemporary living and working.

What initiated your collaboration with Elizabeth Newman? Were there any ideas or criteria for the collaboration?
We have known and been fans of Lizzy’s work for sometime. She approached us with an image and the idea of making a garment together. There was no set criteria for it, the first dress was shown at Lizzy’s book launch at Neon Parc. Later we decided to make it into a small edition.

Can you tell us a bit about this collection and collaboration?
The image is something Lizzy found from an old dance catalogue. The image is quite striking and speaks about the body movement in space etc.  We developed a layout, repeating the image in different sizes and printed it onto silk. We then developed an idea about the shape and style of the dress, it’ quite classic. The pleats in the dress distort the image in a really interesting way, playing on the movement captured in the image.

What exciting projects do have planned for the future?
The big thing for us at the moment is The International Woolmark prize. We’re now producing a collection to be shown at Milan Fashion week at the end of  February. We also have another collaboration with Lizzy in the works.

Photos by Elise Wilken